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Top 8 SIP Trunking Services UK

1.Vonage Business

  • Reliable and powerful network
  • Global telecom provider
  • Access additional Unified communications features
  • Ability to handle more traffic and call volume
  • Overall lower costs

Vonage is a renowned global telecommunication provider which specialises in providing the best cloud-based phone solutions for businesses. The company offers a large pool of expertise and resources which ensures that you have access to a reliable communication network. Additionally, other than their SIP trunking services, you can use their cloud-based voice, data, video and other UC features as well which can provide the potential to elevate your business communication tremendously. Vonage SIP trunks easily integrate with your office phone system and even updates your IP PBX onto their cloud network.

2. VoIP Business

  • It is Affordable since the SIP trunking pricing is clear and affordable
  • Phone systems, data circuits, SIP trunking (as well as other services) and several other features are all available from the same provider.
  • UK and international locations available.
  • Also, businesses can keep the old number.

VoIP Business is a VoIP and Sip trunking service provider. The company offers business plans for small and enterprise-based businesses. You can get a free trial of 30-day including 3 users. The company has no installation charges. You get free calling features with business plans. The VoIP Business SIP trunks service effortlessly integrates with most of IP PBX phone systems in the UK, meaning that they also probably will be compatible with your telephone system. Furthermore, all the calls within the network are free. The company is one of the best SIP trunk providers in the UK.

3. Gamma

  • Flexible and affordable SIP trunks provider
  • Easy to add and remove phone lines
  • Save up to 50% on phone line rentals and 25% on phone calls
  • Free internal phone calls between numbers registered to your business
  • Business continuity services
  • Compatibility with skype for business

The company was founded in 2001, it has established itself as a leading service provider for data, voice and mobile services for companies in the United Kingdom. Gamma offers cost-saving phone solutions for businesses of different sizes that promise to reduce your present phone bills. The gamma SIP trunks service effortlessly integrates with most of IP PBX phone systems in the UK, meaning that they also probably will be compatible with your telephone system. Since their SIP services run on their network, you get smooth operations and a consistent connection for calls. In case of relocation or emergencies, gamma also provides business continuity facilities where you can continue using their SIP trunking by setting up on another device quickly.

4. Gradwell

  • Flexible services which allow you to scale and customise your communication system quickly
  • From 4 per month with free set up
  • Over 22,000 users
  • Ability to bundle multiple phone numbers
  • Lower calling costs

Gradwell has been operating since 1998, it has become a leading SIP trunking provider for the businesses in the UK by providing a better, affordable alternative to traditional ISDN. Forget about the ISDN line rental costs and save further cost by bundling your phone numbers for a simple calling experience.

5. Xinix

  • Up to 84% cheaper than the ISDN
  • No long-term commitment
  • 99% guaranteed uptime and 30-day money back for unsatisfactory products
  • Real-time online billing
  • Domestic phone calls starting at 5p/min and cheaper long-distance calling rates

Xinix is a trustworthy business telecom provider with a range of small business solutions with the experience of more than ten years. They focus on offering high-quality SIP services whilst maintaining competitive rates. They own their network which supports their SIP trunks services and ensures that you always get a stable connection for smooth communication. Also, you can route different phone numbers from the location around the UK directly to you.

6. BT Business

  • Straightforward setup and launch process
  • From 13 per month with unlimited calls in the UK
  • Free phone calls between BT SIP trunks
  • Simple pricing plans
  • Business continuity services
  • Compatible with major telephone systems including non-BT phone systems

BT provides a business-friendly phone solution with simple pricing plans. Their SIP trunk services are a lot cheaper compared to traditional ISDN phone lines, also it includes free phone calls between other SIP trunks from BT. Since they own their network, your phone calls are run on a steadfast phone system that ensures you get the highest quality services. Even if you use a non-BT phone system, it is still comparatively easy to connect to BT SIP trunks through the BT SIP trunk gateway.


  • Reliable connection with a Twilio owned network
  • Cloud-based SIP trunks provider
  • Scalable SIP services with unlimited calling capacity
  • Small business-friendly features to enhance communication
  • pay as you go basis and discounts for dedicated users
  • Supports remote working by providing phone number from global locations

Twilio is a cloud-based communication provider offering voice, data and video communication solutions. They have an international presence through their consistent SIP trunking services and features which support business communication. Additionally, they provide a pay as you go flexible pricing plan, also they offer discounts for users who commit to using a particular monthly call volume. This provides you control over your budgets since you can select a plan that is coordinated with your communication and financial needs. Further, Twilio has business-friendly features that enhance the functionality of your business communications.

8. DirectVoIP

  • No contracts
  • Easy billing with an online per pay system
  • Two different SIP service plans for businesses that require either two inbound channels or 3+
  • No setup and unseen monthly usage cost
  • Fast, friendly customer support
  • Calling rates starting from 0.5p/min for most UK mobile operators

DirectVoIP is an IP telephony provides which specialises in hosted PBX VoIP Telephone System and SIP trunks for businesses of different sizes. They prioritise providing communication solutions which ensure you get the best value for money. Their experience and widespread coverage also allow them to effectively regulate call traffic and supports businesses which receive a large call volume.

Now that you know the best SIP trunk providers UK for 2019 you can pick the right one for your business.

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